“I don’t believe in the rules of specific color combination. I like to explore color and find new ways of combining the unexpected - vivid, technicolor, strong, soft, light and dark - I love exploring color.”

Born in Havana Cuba, Vivien grew up as the second of four siblings. As a child, she could always be found with colored pencils in her hand, thus earning her the designation as the family “artist.” At age 10, her family immigrated to the United States and Vivien began using images and drawings to communicate before she learned to speak English.

A second move brought her family to Venezuela where her father had a business opportunity. While living in Venezuela, Vivien attended Interior Design School and earned her associate degree in 1971 from “Escuela Villasmil de Leon” in Caracas. For four years she worked as an interior designer before meeting her American husband.

Together, Vivien and her husband moved to New York City where she earned her B.A. from Hunter College with a dual major in education and fine arts. She has also studied at the Art Students League and The National Academy of Fine Arts.

Vivien’s focus on communication through imagery has continually fueled her passion for color, design, shapes, and meaning through art. She has always chosen to remain an independent artist, keeping her exploration of mediums open and challenging. Her studio is designed to accommodate almost any endeavor, from large size canvases to 3-dimensional sculpture and even print making.

Although Vivien’s work is in high demand, she welcomes the opportunity of new projects. Her work can be found in many collections in the USA and abroad.